What Iridology Can Reveal?


22 March 2019

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What Iridology Can Reveal?

What Iridology Can Reveal?

Iris analysis consists of a simple, non-invasive way of looking in the eyes (iris) with a magnifying glass and/or a camera that allows us to discover why various current health challenges exist and prevent those that may occur in the future.


Iris analysis tells you the location of the weakness, the seriousness of the condition (acute or chronic/inherited) and the anticipated length of time it takes to restore that particular tissue back to health.


Iridology is an extremely valuable tool that is accurate in determining tissue weaknesses in the body including:

  • Inherent constitutional weakness and strength

  • Primary nutritional needs in the body

  • Inherent weak organs, gland, and tissues

  • Lymphatic congestion

  • The relative amount of toxic accumulation in the tissues and organs

  • Location and stages (acute, sub-acute, chronic, or degenerative) of tissue inflammation

  • The sluggishness of the bowel

  • Spasms, prolapsus, and/or bacterial overgrowth in the gut

  • Nerve conditions and inflammation in the gut

  • Circulation level

  • Hyper and/or hypoactivity of the organs

  • Nerve depletion and exhaustion

  • Acid/Alkaline balance

  • HCL (stomach acid) level

  • Ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients

  • Physical and/or mental fatigue or stress

  • Emotional imbalance

  • more

Information is adapted from:


BIOSIS Health Care (http://www.biosishealthcare.com)